Unifi  Network Administrator

Learn how to build professional wired and wireless infrastructure with Ubiquiti UniFi with this online video course.

See how to configure your connection step-by-step and find out how to solve the most frequent configuration issues.

Why this course?

After completing this video training you will be able to build a stable, secure Wi-Fi based on UniFi products, starting from scratch. You will learn how to launch Wi-Fi, create a guest network, establish VLAN, provide access through VPN, collect information from network devices remotely, and manage different locations using a single admin panel. The course is modular, so you can return to any part at any time.

Part 1 deals with all things related to IP addresses, so that you can plan your network accordingly and have enough addresses for your devices. You will learn about communication media, types of connections and topologies most often used to build reliable networks.

In Part 2, we will work directly within the UniFi environment, going through the basic process of implementation and configuration of the controller. Next, we will set up the router, the switch and access point.

This course gives you:

expert knowledge shared by engineers with years of experience in working with Ubiquiti

how-to’s and useful tips on UniFi solutions – from general principles to detailed configurations

access to lessons at your convenience


42 professional tutorial videos will guide you step by step through building your own professional home or office network.


No more browsing the web for a solution. All you need to configure your network is at your fingertips.


See cutting edge devices and dashboard in their most up-to-date versions, for a full Ubiquiti UniFi experience.



Network basics

(4 videos)

  • IP addressing
  • Media and communication
  • Network topology
  • Types of network devices


Constructing a server room

(2 videos)

  • Types of devices used Advanced
  • How to connect devices in a server cabinet Advanced



(5 videos)

  • What is a controller?
  • Starting and activating the controller in UC-CK
  • Controller dashboard
  • Default view and configuration of settings
  • Firmware update


Basic configuration of the router, switch and AP

(4 videos)

  • Introduction
  • Enhancing the device table with useful information Advanced
  • Mapping devices on a site plan Advanced
  • Description of settings Advanced


Router configuration

(5 videos)

  • Router configuration, load balancing, fail over
  • Defining a network. What is VLAN?
  • Static routing Advanced
  • Firewall, port forwarding Advanced
  • What is DPI? Advanced


Switch configuration

(4 videos)

  • POE: what it is, and how to change POE settings on ports
  • Assigning VLAN to ports/switch port profiles Advanced
  • STP – when to use it and why Advanced
  • LAG – Link Agregation Group Advanced


Configuration of Access Points

(7 videos)

  • WiFI standards, differences between 2.4 and 5GHz
  • WLAN profiles, defining the SSID
  • Advanced configuration options Advanced
  • Selection of channels and power of the radio system for the AP Advanced
  • What is Fast Roaming and how to start it properly
  • MAC Filter Advanced
  • Scheduled and UAPSD: what it is and what it can be used for Advanced


Guest network

(3 videos)

  • How a guest network works
  • Defining a new SSID for the network
  • Captive portal for a guest network, authentication through Facebook/Google, or vouchers Advanced



(3 videos)

  • Building a user database using RADIUS Advanced
  • What connection methods can be defined in USG Advanced
  • Defining a connection and adding a route Advanced


Advanced options

(4 videos)

  • Environmental tests Advanced
  • SYSLOG Advanced
  • Events Advanced
  • Cloud Access



(1 videos)

  • Key takeaways from the course

Sample lesson

See a glimpse of what we’ve prepared for you!

Who is this course for?

IT Administrators

Building and managing a network in your organization is your responsibility, but you haven’t had much experience with UniFi and you want to deep dive into how to setup everything right.

Power Users

You are not a professional, but want to build a professional network at home or in your office yourself. After all, how hard can it be, right?

– If you are a CEO or a manager, this course is perfect for your employees as it focuses on technical aspects of networks rather than business cases. If you’re looking for a list of benefits of Ubiquiti solutions, you may not find what you care about. Contact us at networking@senetic.com for more information.

– If your technical knowledge is limited, e.g. in terms of browsers or IP addresses, our expert consultants are here to solve the issues discussed in the course for you. Contact us at networking@senetic.com for more information.

Expert know-how by Senetic

Senetic is a dynamic IT provider, offering the best network and server solutions available, as well as the latest software.
Our team of competent consultant is always there to provide professional assistance to our clients.

This course brings together the knowledge and many years of experience of Senetic, Ubiquiti’s no. 1 Partner in Poland. Since 2009, our experts in the design and implementation of network services have helped thousands of clients in over 100 countries to build professional, reliable networks.

Łukasz Bojar
Łukasz Bojar
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Senetic SA

Meet your instructors!

Roksana Niesporek has always been in the IT world. As a Senetic’s consultant passionate about new technologies, she is always on the lookout for the best solutions for her clients. Roksana is equally skilled with a screwdriver as with technical specifications.

Mateusz Grela is Senetic’s Network Solutions Engineer with extensive knowledge and many years of practical experience. He’s earned certificates in administering MikroTik, Ubiquiti UniFi and Cisco Networking solutions, both on-prem and in the cloud. Graduated with honors from the Cisco CCNA Academy.


16 €

22 videos

Basic knowledge of IT networks

Configuring basic settings of UniFi devices


45 €

42 videos (approx. 2h of content)

Basic and advanced knowledge of IT networks

Configuring basic and advanced settings of UniFi devices